Estate Planning

Estate planning is a complex matter.

Estate taxes can cost your heirs hundreds of thousands of dollars. So planning today for the eventuality of tomorrow will benefit your heirs immensely.

Especially for Oregonians, the issue is more likely than ever to be relevant because estate taxes begin when an estate is valued at just $1 million. If your estate is $2 million, the taxes on your estate can be $100,000. 

Your personal residence is part of your estate. With many homes currently valued at more than $500,000, chances are your heirs will be paying estate taxes on what you leave them.

But there are things you can do to lower or eliminate estate taxes.

 At Umpqua Valley Financial, we can provide you with the tax and financial planning expertise you need. We can lead or be be a critical member of the team of financial and legal professionals you need to create the best possible estate plan for you and your loved ones.

If you are expecting to leave your loved ones an estate worth $1 million or more, and you want them to enjoy more of the benefits of your life’s work, then call today and schedule an appointment with Umpqua Valley Financial. You’ll be glad you did.